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The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

As you have browsed The Treehugger Company’s products online, you have probably noticed that many of them containing tea tree oil. Perhaps you have wondered what tea tree oil is and why it is found in so many of the products. Hopefully, this will answer some of your questions about via tree oil.

Tea tree oil is a natural product of Australia. It is derived from the tea trees there and has been used by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years for its healing properties. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral compound and has many uses and applications.

Tea tree oil is effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. It is often found in face washes and blemish sticks because it gently deep cleans the pores and prevents the growth of bacteria that cause breakouts. Tea tree oil is also a very effective ingredient in deodorant because it prevents growth of odor-causing bacteria, but it doesn’t prevent perspiration which is an essential function in cooling the body. Tea tree oil can also be found in or a few drops added to Shampoo or hair conditioner to help prevent and control dandruff.

Tea tree oil is also very effective in handy washing because of its antimicrobial properties. Purchase a hand wash with tea tree oil, or add some of the oil to your favorite hand wash to help kill germs in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

No first aid bit should be without tea tree oil. It is a great antiseptic for cleaning out minor wounds and scrapes. It is just as effective as hydrogen peroxide. In addition to being an effective would cleaner, tea tree oil can also be used to reduce the itching of insect bites or skin rashes.

Tea tree oil should also be a staple of your medicine cabinet. Because of its antifungal and antiviral properties, the oil can be used to treat ringworm, athlete’s foot, warts, and corns. There is also evidence that tea tree oil can be used to effectively reduce fever and pain and treat head lice, vaginal infections, and sinus infections.

Tea tree oil has many uses and benefits for its users. If you would like to experience some of the benefits of this oil, be sure to check out our hand washes, face washes, soaps, deodorants, and blemish sticks that contain tea tree oil, or order a bottle of pure tea tree oil  to enhance your favorite products or to keep in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet.