Natural Sanitary Pads, Classic Contour


Made with 100% Natural cotton ,Chlorine Free,Hypoallergenic,Synthetic Free,Wood Pulp Free,Biodegradable,Fragrance Free

Bringing a "classic" to the max! We've taken the classic concepts of a conventional sanitary pad and upped the ante by making our natural contour pads out of soft 100% natural cotton. They are also chlorine free. These natural menstrual pads are hypoallergenic because they're made with cotton and therefore more breathable than the sanitary napkins you may be used to. Also, these pads are exceptionally unique because even the absorbent core is made from natural cotton. Did you know virtually all other pads contain wood pulp, which comes from cutting down trees? These period pads are irritation free because they're synthetic free and wood pulp free. Also, these disposable pads are 95% biodegradable so you can feel better about tossing them (not in the toilet) when you're through. Better for your body and eco-friendly? Now that's what we call taking feminine hygiene to max!

Weight/Pack:0.40 Lbs

100% Natural Cotton Absorbent Core, Breathable Natural Cotton Interlace Cover Sheet, Impermeable Leak Protection Back Layer, Adhesive Strips on Back Layer.

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Brand: Maxim

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