Organic Classic Contour Cotton Pantyliner Light days unsented


Made with 100% Natural cotton ,Chlorine Free,Hypoallergenic,Synthetic Free,Wood Pulp Free,Biodegradable,Fragrance Free

"These sleek, Organic Classic Contour Panty Liners are made of 100% Organic Cotton. That means no pesticides, chlorine free, and above all breathable, comfortable wearability that surpasses the panty shields you may be used to. These underwear liners are irritation free because they're synthetic free and wood pulp free. Also, Maxim Hygiene's disposable pantiliners are 95% biodegradable so you can feel better about tossing them (not in the toilet) when you're through. Better for your body and eco-friendly? Now that's what we call taking feminine hygiene to max!"

Weight/Pack:0.25 Lbs

100% Certified Organic Cotton Absorbent Core, Breathable Organic Cotton Interlace Cover Sheet, Impermeable Leak Protection Back Layer, Adhesive Strips on Back Layer.

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Brand: Maxim
Organic Ingredients

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