Value packs set of 6pcs, Blackcurrant Natural Toothpaste

As a busy mom, you may prefer to store your child's favourite toothpaste just to make sure it will never run out of stocks. Needless to say the hassle of convincing your child to use an alternative!!! We all know how kids react don't we??? 
Our 6 pack allows an attractive discount which really is a great deal!
If you have children, then you are always searching for the best methods of care for them. Perhaps you are also aware of the high amount of chemicals that are introduced into a variety of modern day products and foods, and you are taking a more natural approach to health and hygiene for your kids. However, among a plethora of natural products available, there are still products such as Jack N Jill Toothpaste that promise natural treatments that are far from the truth.
Availability: In stock
Brand: Jack N' Jill
Natural Toothpaste is made with Certified Organic Natural Flavors.

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